Imagine Church believes in giving back to the community around us.  We are called by God to do all we can to take care of each other and help people out when we can.

We encourage all Imagine individuals and Communities to adopt causes or help in whatever ways they feel called.  And once a year, at the Christmas season, Pastors Justin and Janae put out a couple causes for us to all think and pray about supporting or being apart of this Christmas season. This year they have picked 2 for you to research and pray about:

A Greater Hope – Foster Care Agency, is a multi state foster care agency who does amazing things to help children who have entered the foster care system.  A Greater Hope provides safe and loving homes as well as in house mental health services for the youth in care.  Every year they have a toy drive to collect gifts for all of the kids in care within the agency.  They are also very meticulous to bless all of the kids in the home, because even the biological children make great sacrifices when the family agrees to open their home to foster children.

Please click the logo above to read more on the website of the agency.

Please click the flyer to the left to be taken directly to the Amazon shopping page to purchase a gift for a child in foster care.  On the Amazon shopping page you will see names under each gift so you can see who you are buying a gift for and the gift will be sent directly to them. Yay!

** All gifts are tax deductible, so feel free to print the receipt for your records.  If you need a receipt directly from the agency or have any questions feel free to email Mrs. Amanda Bell (click on here name to email) and let her know you are with IMAGINE CHURCH.  The final date for ordering for distribution this Christmas is December 10th, anything ordered after December 10th will be used throughout the year as birthday gifts, Easter Baskets, and for other holiday celebrations. The goal this year is 2,000 toys.

Foursquare Disaster Relief responds to disasters around the globe all year long.  They send money, resources, chaplains, medical teams, food, clean water, clean up crews, etc. to fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. During this season they are raising money to get food to people who need food during this Covid Hunger Crisis. 

Click the logo above to go to Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) main website to read more about all they do.

Click the “Covid Hunger Crisis” logo on the right to read more about what you could give toward.

Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit if there is any gift you could give to Imagine church, above and beyond your tithes, for the end of the year.  Thank you for your generosity and steps of bravery in giving to Imagine Church.  Please click the graphic above to be routed to the “End of Year” giving page.