One of the biggest passions of our pastors, Justin & Janae Klatt, is to resource, equip and champion pastors and leaders.  From the start of Covid in 2020 hundreds of pastors, churches and leaders have reached out to discuss and ask questions about developing a digital church or how to shift an existing church into an online church.  These pastors and leaders have also had many questions how to lead, disciple and build true Acts 2 community in a digital/online church.  Thought this time Pastors Justin & Janae have done many webinars and podcast on these subjects. Below is a sampling of these and other resources.  If you have further questions or would like to set up a zoom call with Pastors Justin & Janae after watching the resources below please email our team HERE.

“Find Community Wherever You Are”
– “Equip & Engage” – Podcast by Subsplash
25min. 24sec.

“5 Tips On Pastoring People Online”
Learn from our failures and successes in pastoring people online.
6min. 27sec.

Imagine Church Example Service
See what an Imagine Online Service looks and feels like.
1hr. 25min.

Imagine Church Studio Tour
Take a short tour of our studio.

“Building Community & Discipleship In a Digital Church”
– Foursquare Multiply Webinar
1hr. 3min.

“Intentional Leadership”
– Southeast District of Foursquare Churches
59min. 33sec.

Q & A W/ Pastors Justin and Janae Klatt
Pastor couple have a few questions about building an online church.
1hr. 2min.